Unique Collection

Loodo International Company, a private limited company established in Sri Lanka, known to the world as the most beautiful and most suitable country to visit in the Asian continent, is a private company registered under the Government of Sri Lanka, which has been exporting and importing for more than fifteen years.

Polythene-related products, which have become an epidemic in the world, are removed from use in all countries of the world and are the most suitable substitutes for them, which are produced only with biodegradable, environmentally friendly natural materials obtained from the trees in the natural environment, in the most attractive models and designs and highest quality, completely 100% handcrafted and long life Durable goods and services exported and sanitary wares (bathroom sets), faucets, bathroom accessories and related products are imported by Loodo International Private Limited.

Exports & Imports


In the year 2013, after our company was established as a limited private company, our company took 04 main points into consideration when dealing with the import of handicrafts products of Sri Lanka.

01. Selected superior raw materials.

02. Attractive designs.

03. Superior imported conditions.

04. Long life durability.

After that Sri Lankan Government, National Craft Council and Ministry of Traditional Industries and small enterprise development should be registered inventors. The inventors and do the products as villages and individually. Thus, based on our fundamentals inventors are one by one correctly selected and recruited to our company’s training manufacturing force.


Manufactured under the world’s highest technology and highest quality assurance, water closets, wash basin and pedestals, urinals, under counter basins, top counter basins, squatting pans, laboratory basins, kitchen sinks and other related items are imported under Milano Italy brand name from china and all types of faucets and mixers, all types of shower and shower sets,bathroom accessory sets and related items are imported under Ottone Meloda and I.S.A. Idrosanitaria brands from Italy and Dubai.